It is extremely difficult to put into words time and again the appreciation we hold for all who make the work at House of Hope possible. The generosity of major donors, the benefit of grants, the funds from county contracts, and every dollar committed from individual donors are crucial in these changing times. It cannot be said enough, that without this we would fail to honor our mission. The words “thank you” often feel inadequate.

We would be remiss not to thank our counseling staff, administrative team, house staff, and the many individuals in the community who support House of Hope through their hard work, material and monetary donations, along with their genuine love for the women.

We can only hope you the reader are inspired: inspired to trust your loved one with us, your client with us, yourself with us; inspired to tell a friend, to keep us in mind when you come across a woman in trouble and needing treatment. Above all, we hope you are inspired to make a single or recurring donation. It truly is through your generosity that House of Hope can provide treatment for the next woman who comes to us with a desire to change.

House of Hope Staff


As a non-profit, House of Hope relies greatly on the support and generosity that comes through various individuals, organizations, and grants. Helping our women recover from the ravages of their addiction is the mission of House of Hope.