Maricela Gray Appointed Executive Director of House of Hope

Maricela Gray has been appointed the new Executive Director of House of Hope by the Board of Directors, replacing Bobbi Tschirgi, who has accepted a position on the Board.

Gray began working for House of Hope in 2005 as an intern in the administration office. In 2007 she became the Office Administrator and Bobbi’s Executive Assistant. In 2014 Human Resources Administrator was added to her scope of responsibility. When House of Hope contracted with Los Angeles County to receive Drug Medi-Cal funding, she implemented and managed the required County billing system for the House. Her experience as a former client has heightened her ability to see the many facets of House of Hope through the eyes of clients. This coupled with the skills learned working as a staff member promises a successful leadership led by Maricela.

Gray’s vision for the future is to maintain and protect the House’s mission.

Maricela Gray (left) and Bobbi Tschirgi.

“House of Hope Foundation provides a safe, clean and sober, nurturing environment for substance abusing and substance dependent women. Our mission is to help them regain their self-awareness, spirituality, dignity, integrity and learn how to live life without alcohol and drugs. We also seek to help them become financially responsible, reestablish family ties and be reunited with their children when possible.”

As an alumna of the House, Maricela says, “I and many other women recovered under the umbrella of this mission and my heartfelt goal is to continue this wonderful legacy.” Gray has been deeply involved with Las Esperanzas, the House of Hope auxiliary, following her graduation. This group actively supports the women at the House both financially and through service.

Tschirgi began her time at House of Hope in 1995 as a volunteer, joined the Board of Directors in 1996 and assumed the Executive Director’s position in 2004.

While on the Board of Directors and as Executive Director she welcomed donors and grantors to become members of the House of Hope family. The “family” acquired two sober living apartment buildings, the Adams Center Administration building and the Chris McMillen House. The acquired properties allow the House to provide a range of services including Sober and Extended Living services, Residential and Outpatient treatment and a 3-6 month Board and Care Outpatient program for homeless women. Today the House of Hope has 63 Beds and 32 staff members helping addicted women to re-enter life as sober dignified members of society

With Maricela leading the organization as Executive Director and Bobbi providing support from the Board of Directors, including acting as donor and grantor liaison, the transition assures a partnership of heartfelt adherence to the House of Hope mission.