This year has brought some great additions to Outpatient  Services. We continue to serve women wanting to heal from addiction by providing a bridge of support, compassion and understanding. We help women restructure their lives in real time dealing with real stressors and responsibilities to strengthen their chance for success and  long-term sobriety. We have added three great new counselors to our team: Heather D’Angelo, Adrienne Peralta and Keisanna Sparrow. All bring a stellar commitment to patient care and treatment services. We have also added an additional nine Recovery Bridge Housing (RBH) beds for women to have a safe sober environment to access supportive outpatient services. We have some great patient successes and would like to highlight one of those for you.

Desi S. has been in House of Hope treatment services for 20 months.  During that time she has rebuilt relationships with her children, extended family and friends. She has connected to 12 step support and step work and “came to believe that there is a higher power and through the higher power you can achieve self-worth.”  She has re-connected to and strengthened her spirituality through her connection to her church and “compassionate service to her brothers and sisters in Christ.” She is also a ray of sunshine to her peers at House of Hope. She has come to believe in herself and her value. She has developed self-care strategies taking care of her physical health issues and including regular trips to Knotts Berry Farm to experience joy.  She states, “I no longer have fear about what tomorrow will bring.”

Here is her story in her words. “My walk through the House of Hope began on March 17,2021 wanting a change in my life as I started to work on my self-entitlement of using drugs. I began to work on taking away my entitlements by attending the groups, one on one counseling and therapy. I started to work on my feelings and emotional issues really putting into play that recovery doesn’t have a time frame. I knew from the beginning that to make a big change I would need to complete a full circle that entails more than just completing residential treatment. I moved on to the House of hope outpatient program and RBH and really began working on my lifestyle that gave me more independence and time to focus on my needs. Applying the groups, one on one sessions and therapy I came to realize that after completing RBH I wanted to go to sober living and although I reside in the House of Hope sober living I still work on myself with the help of groups, one on one counseling and therapy. Today I am standing on my two feet independently, I am able to make proper decisions with a clear mind. I can say what I learned was that the House of Hope believed in me and was there for me at my beck and call to support my needs and now I know for myself who I am , what I want out of life and most of all I believe in me too…”

We feel privileged to be able to hold the light on the path of recovery for the courageous women who walk through our doors and we greatly appreciate the people around us that help us do that.  

Becky Senter
Outpatient Director

As a non-profit, House of Hope relies greatly on the support and generosity that comes through various individuals, organizations, and grants. House of Hope is truly a humble place that protects the funds that are raised. We insure that every dollar is invested in the treatment and well-being of the women who enter our doors. Helping our women recover from the ravages of their addiction is the mission of House of Hope. We consider increasing funding for treatment for our women as our continual goal.

The House of Hope Foundation, Inc., is an IRS 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation and a 509(a)(2) public charity. The House of Hope Tax ID is 95-1868767.

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