As the year ends, we must reflect on our accomplishments, not the devastation of COVID-19. All House of Hope employees are considered “essential workers” according to the CDC guidelines. This past summer, more than half of the employees in both departments contracted the virus, which was hard to continue operations, especially in our residential program. It spread like wildfire, fast and quick, but we sprang into action, and my staff provided services via Zoom. Not once did they forget about our patients’ needs. THEY ARE MY HEROES! 

Below are a few accomplishments from three of our employees, and I wanted to celebrate them this holiday season. Amid the pandemic, some employees returned to school to learn about substance use disorders; a few graduated or received certificates. Thirty percent of the staff are currently in school.  Last year House of Hope started an employee education assistance program to help employees continue their education without financial fear, which we know could lead to stress. I want to tell you about three staff members’ triumphs this year.

Lori K., an alumnus of our program, went back to graduate school right before the pandemic, and she recently graduated with her master’s degree this past summer. She is a counselor in our Residential Program and is currently completing her clinical hours as she provides services to our patients.

Nichole G. is also an alumnus of House of Hope and received a Human Services Addiction certificate from Long Beach City College this summer. She works in our Administration Office while working 10 hours a week towards her internship in our treatment center. She is currently working on another certificate to advance her skills while studying for the exam to become a certified substance use disorder counselor.

Stephany G. started as our cook for our residential center six years ago. While working in that department, she became aware that she wanted to help women and started school immediately. She has been promoted three times. She recently graduated with three Associate of Art Degrees and received a certificate in Addiction and Other Drugs. She is currently enrolled at California State University, Dominguez Hills working towards her bachelor’s degree.

We are all miracles in this world. I have deep admiration for the employees of House of Hope. By working with them, I become a better version of myself. My prayer for you and your family for this coming year is good health as we continue to face challenges from various viruses. Together we can be joyful for another year of peace and prosperity, one day at a time.

Maricela Gray
Executive Director

As a non-profit, House of Hope relies greatly on the support and generosity that comes through various individuals, organizations, and grants. House of Hope is truly a humble place that protects the funds that are raised. We insure that every dollar is invested in the treatment and well-being of the women who enter our doors. Helping our women recover from the ravages of their addiction is the mission of House of Hope. We consider increasing funding for treatment for our women as our continual goal.

The House of Hope Foundation, Inc., is an IRS 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation and a 509(a)(2) public charity. The House of Hope Tax ID is 95-1868767.

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