Tiffany Tiffany is a 43-year-old woman who first started drinking when she was 15. Several people in her family have died from substance use disorders, including her aunt, uncle and more recently her brother, a devastating event that lead to more drinking. Tiffany initially had positive experiences with drinking: “It brought me

Message from Maricela Gray

As the year ends, we must reflect on our accomplishments, not the devastation of COVID-19. All House of Hope employees are considered “essential workers” according to the CDC guidelines. This past summer, more than half of the employees in both departments contracted the virus, which was hard to continue operations, especially in

Message from Becky Senter

This year has brought some great additions to Outpatient  Services. We continue to serve women wanting to heal from addiction by providing a bridge of support, compassion and understanding. We help women restructure their lives in real time dealing with real stressors and responsibilities to strengthen their chance for success and  long-term

Message from Barbara Bishop

House of Hope continues to adopt protocols and treatments based upon the latest recommendations and research. Mounting evidence of a strong link between developmental trauma and substance use disorders has prompted us to recognize that both must be treated in order for our patients to remain sober. We are fortunate to have

Message from Claudia Murillo

"Traditional yet Innovative:” this is how the CARF surveyor described House of Hope during our accreditation survey. Wise insight. For the past five years, as the treatment for Substance Use Disorders transforms, House of Hope has been challenged as its third-party payers demand transformation, and our roots demand stability. Despite the challenges,

Message from Melanie Poturica

On behalf of the House of Hope Board of Directors, we wish each of you a joyful, meaningful and healthy holiday season. While this season is a time to be grateful and happy, many women are struggling with despair, hopelessness and sickness from the disease of addiction. The House of Hope offers

Looking Back in Time

Looking Back in Time Download the 2020 Winter Happenings Newsletter, 65th Anniversary. CLICK HERE. Do you ever wonder who lived at House of Hope before it became the House of Hope? We are privileged to have a personal account from a member of the family that lived there


Resilience Download the 2020 Winter Happenings Newsletter, 65th Anniversary. CLICK HERE. In discussing resilience, Margaret Thatcher said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.” The battle our world is fighting with this pandemic is one we never expected to fight. In spite


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