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Founded in 1955 and located in the scenic South Bay area of Los Angeles, House of Hope is a community of drug and alcohol treatment professionals who are dedicated to helping women regain their lives, their spirit, and purpose in life. By providing high quality treatment services, House of Hope creates a warm, nurturing environment where the journey of recovery can begin. Using a wide range of therapeutic approaches, the House of Hope team provides a unique and successful program that embraces the 12-step philosophy. Included in the program are individual counseling, family group counseling and interactive groups such as anger management, PTSD, grief and loss, relapse prevention, parenting, domestic violence, conflict resolution, self-awareness and communication enhancement.

House of Hope Awarded Third Three-Year CARF Accreditation. Achieving this accreditation demonstrates House of Hope’s commitment to exceptional, personalized care. READ MORE

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House of Hope provides a safe, clean and sober, nurturing environment for substance-abusing women. Our mission is to help women to regain their dignity and learn how to live without alcohol and drugs. We at House of Hope know that substance abuse, the interactive disease of alcoholism and drug addiction, can never be cured. We know that the disease can be arrested, given time with an encouraging environment, educational tools, knowledgeable support groups and, most importantly, the women’s sincere desire to change her life.


The lovely “Main House” of House of Hope Foundation was first owned by a saloonkeeper and is located on what was known as “Saloon Keepers Row” in the historic San Pedro Vinegar Hill District. A hitching post from the early horse and buggy days is still present at the front of the house. The house was sold to Dr. William Guidinger, who founded San Pedro Peninsula Hospital. Dr. Guidinger converted the cottages adjacent to the Main House to “birthing cottages” for unwed mothers. How ironic that this house and the cottages are where women recovering from alcohol and/or substance abuse make their start in the House of Hope treatment program.We are proud to be part of the legacy of this beautiful historic house. Also ironic is that the adjacent building was converted from a bar to a liquor store before being purchased by House of Hope and transformed yet again. It houses a large meeting room for educational groups, a computer lab, and the administrative offices. Talk about re-purposing! What incredible changes over time for this property. This is what we have seen in the lives of countless women who have crossed the threshold at House of Hope.

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