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What to Expect

Outpatient Program

Core Support

We offer a MediCal supported Outpatient program at 205 W. 9th Street, San Pedro, California. Four facilitators provide classes in Relapse Prevention, Life Skills for Early Recovery, Anger Management, Repairing Family Systems, and Dreams. Each program day also includes Meditation.


House of Hope has been providing an affordable Residential treatment program to addicted women for over 61 years. In 2016, we launched an Outpatient treatment program for women transitioning from our residential program, in preparation for sober living or return to their home environment. In 2017, House of Hope opened the Outpatient program to all women seeking treatment services.

Outpatient Orientation


Outpatient treatment is ideal for many situations: as a step down program for a woman transitioning from Residential care, for the woman with a mild substance abuse problem caught in its early stages, for an individual court ordered to outpatient treatment, or for the woman who requires some amount of flexibility in order to meet a work schedule, home life responsibilities or the demands of motherhood. Outpatient best serves the individual that has a strong desire for recovery and is committed to treatment.


Substance Use Dependence is often accompanied by other underlying psychological problems which require counseling and education. Our Outpatient program offers these components through Evidence Based treatment. Clients will engage in (graphic) Relapse Prevention, Life Skills, Anger Management, Communication Skills and Family Counseling. Patients may also meet individually with a counselor to establish and then periodically review treatment goals. Each participant works closely with group facilitators and counselors who monitor each individual’s progress. Class participation is strongly encouraged.


Individuals have the opportunity to establish sober friendships with other class members and begin to create a new network of support.

A Typical Daily Program Activity Schedule