What to Expect

Residential Treatment

We Believe

A solid foundation consisting of education, coping skills and peer support is necessary for a strong recovery. All recovery is best achieved in a structured, comfortable, respectful environment, including substance free living with full involvement in 12-step activities.

Women begin their stay in a structured residential program which can last up to 90 days. Our program includes:

House of Hope Orientation Packet for Family & Friends


Upon admission, clients are placed on a 2 week restriction period (if their treatment stay is 30-90 days). If they admit to 30 days of treatment, they will be placed on one week of restriction. Residents will not be allowed visits or phone calls during their restriction period. They will contact you with further information about our program once their restriction period is over. Once their restriction is lifted, visits are permitted on Sundays from 11:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Clients must submit their visitor requests for approval no later than 12:00 p.m. on the Thursday before the visit. We ask that no more than 4 adults visit their loved one for each visit.


The first two passes must be in-house, so that the clients’ interactions may be observed. The next two passes may be off site but the client must be accompanied by another client. All items brought to clients must go through staff. Visitors are not allowed on the premises for any reason except with staff approval, including Sunday passes and Family Night. Visitors are prohibited from entering the residents’ living quarters, (this includes the upstairs dorm and cottages).

House of Hope is an alcohol and drug free environment. We reserve the right to ask any visitor to leave our premises if we suspect they have consumed alcohol or drugs in the past 24 hours or if we deem their behavior to be inappropriate.


Pay phone hours are from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Once a client’s restriction has been lifted, they are allowed 2 calls per day (incoming and/or outgoing) for 10 minutes per call. Clients may use one of the two designated pay phones. Pay phone numbers will be given to you by your loved ones, not by staff. Federal and State Laws prohibit us from giving information as to a client’s presence or progress in our program without the client’s consent to release specific information to any persons.


Upon admission, clients are allowed to correspond by mail with their loved ones. Clients may have in their possession pen, paper, envelopes and stamps. All mail must be opened in front of a staff member on duty.

House of Hope
Client’s Name
235 W. 9th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731


House of Hope provides a program designed specifically for loved ones of our residents. Our professionally trained staff facilitates Family Group. After the client’s restriction period, family members are encouraged to attend weekly Family Group sessions.

Family Group is held every Tuesday night from 7pm-9:15pm at 205 W. 9th Street in San Pedro, CA 90731 (located next to the main house). These sessions provide valuable information to better understand the disease of addiction and how to live independently from your loved one in a healthy manner. Participants also get the opportunity to interact with other family group members who share the same issues. We encourage you all to avail yourselves to this educational and supportive group. The goal is to have a better understanding of the disease concept and to re-create relationships that will enable healthy recovery for all.

It is highly recommended that family, friends and significant others also attend Alanon meetings. Alanon is a 12-step meeting for friends, family and significant others of alcoholics and addicts.

Please refer to the information provided below when looking for a meeting in your area. You can access meeting locations at the following phone numbers and websites:

Al-Anon Family Groups of Southern California
4936 Lankershim Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91601
Telephone: (818) 760-7122
For meeting Info Only: (888) 684-6444
Email: centraloffice@alanonla.org
Local Info Website: www.alanonla.org
National Website: www.alanon.com
Nar-Anon World Service Office of Southern California
22527 Crenshaw Blvd. Ste 200 B
Torrance, CA 90505
Telephone: (310) 547-5800
Email: wso@naranon.com
National Website: www.naranon.com


Each client may have up to $80.00 per month ($20 per week) in her trust account. Once a client is admitted into treatment, all of her needs are met by House of Hope. This money would be to provide for their “wants” only. Please contact House of Hope’s office manager at 310-521-9209 for further instructions.


We ask that clients bring two weeks of clothing. Please fit this into two bags, maximum. (See Client Dress Code for more information). Also, be sure to bring a valid photo ID and current prescription medications in their original prescribed containers.


In an effort to encourage and maintain a positive image, House of Hope has established a dress code. Most clothing attire is acceptable; however, items that are not acceptable at House of Hope are listed below:

  • Provocative clothing that may reveal midriff or chest (this includes spaghetti straps or backless halter-tops)
  • Shorts or skirts must be no more than 4 inches above the knee
  • Any clothing or accessories such as hats, T-shirts, etc., that depict any drug/alcohol, sexual, racial, gang related or which are political/controversial in nature
  • Clothing with excessive rips or holes

Clothing is expected to be neat and clean at all times. All clients must wear under garments. Clients must dress appropriately and follow the dress code on or off campus.


(What to bring)

Body SoapShaving RazorDeodorantToothbrush / Electric Toothbrush / Toothpaste
ShampooBlow DryerBrush / CombCurling Iron


(What not to bring)
In order to ensure a protected environment, we ask that clients refrain from bringing valuable items such as credit cards, cell phones, expensive jewelry, check books, and laptops. If the client leaves before completing the program, we ask they pick up their property within 7 days of discharge from House of Hope. Property left beyond 7 days will be disposed of as deemed appropriate.


House of Hope is equipped with washers, dryers, irons and ironing boards to accommodate clients. Bedding is provided.

A Typical Daily Program Activity Schedule