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Who we are at House of Hope…

House of Hope is in its 63rd year of providing a safe, clean and sober, nurturing environment for substance dependent women. Our mission is to help them regain their dignity and integrity by learning to live without alcohol and other drugs. We also seek to help them become financially responsible, reestablish family ties and be reunited with their children when possible.

We have served thousands of homeless and underserved women who would otherwise have been delayed or denied access to recovery treatment due to lack of financial resources.

Alcoholism is a progressive disease, often times resulting in permanent mental health problems, severe illness and death. The sooner a woman can get treatment, the better her chances of recovery. Through our safe, loving and structured program of treatment, House of Hope is an invaluable resource for women suffering the challenges of substance dependence. Our longevity and commitment to our mission allows us to work with an individual and their family to provide affordable, high quality care. Our goal is to never turn away an individual for her inability to pay.

House of Hope Residential Staff

Why We Fundraise

As a nonprofit, House of Hope relies greatly on the support and generosity that comes from various individuals, organizations and grants. House of Hope is a truly humble organization that protects the funds that are raised. We insure every dollar is invested in supporting the treatment and well-being of the women who enter our doors.

Helping our women recover from the ravages of their addiction is the mission of House of Hope. Our ongoing goal is to increase funds to benefit our mission to support homeless and underserved clients. In response to the ever-growing challenges from decreases in support from grants and organizations, we launched the House of Hope’s Annual Talent Show Fundraiser to address the increase of underserved women who need help.

Led by board member and Fundraising Committee Chair Ed Storti, we successfully gather talent, sponsors, advertisers and grants to make our Annual Talent Show a smashing success! The extraordinary talent, a full-house and donation support help us achieve our goal.

Our Talent Show Fundraiser results in significant contributions towards our mission, as well as providing a truly memorable afternoon of entertainment in the spirit of recovery for all in attendance. House of Hope is deeply grateful to all our supporters!

Volunteers and Staff at Fundraiser